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All my creations - #myLEGOcreations #STARWARS

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Today I'm going to write about one of my favourite toys, LEGO. I love creating new toys! 

Desert Jewel
My favourite character is LUKE SKYWALKER, I like him because he worked very hard and finally became a grand JEDI master. He is really powerful, I super love his lightsaber. Glad to have lots of LEGO collections. With my LEGO bricks I have created many different LEGO creations. I tried to create many things that are related to STAR WARS because I love the movie. Some of my pieces looked a bit weird, but they are very special to me. I have created my very own Imperial Star Destroyer, Snow Speeder and Escape Pod out of LEGO.

My mum suggested I start writing stories with my creations and so I did! Here it is!
There's three chapters and it took me four days to write and create this!!

Hope you will enjoy reading this!:)
Here's the story I wrote:

Chapter 1 
Luke's private droid, BB-8 is big YET gentle.
01/06 Luke and BB-8 went to 
Kashyyyk, the Wookiees Homeworld!

Luke Skywalker
They found trouble there, the Clone Troopers were attacking the Wookiees. Luke rushed in to help but got TIED-UP and GAGGED instead.

 Chapter 2
Imperial Star Destroyer's Prison Cell

'BANG!'  ''Stay here! Don't move!'' AZI-3(clone trooper) said. ''Fives, untie him and give him FOOD!'', CC-1010 said as AZI-3 walked out of the cell. ''Beep Broop Beop Boop!''
(BB-8 speaking) ''It's OK, BB-8, we're alone!''. (BB-8 speaking again!) ''Beep Boop Waa Waa Waarrrrrrrr!'' 
Oh no! It's an explosion!!!!!!!

Escape Pod

Chapter 3

''Ahha! I found an escape pod! Quick BB-8, get into the escape pod!'' ''Warr Waa Waawp!" (BB-8 speaking)  ''Who's that, BB-8?''Luke asked. ''My name is Mira, this is Zios and this is Cornelius'', a stranger said. Luke replied, "OK then. Come on aboard! we're going to take off! Get ready to go home!!!"

                                                             The End

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Exciting Part of ME #TransformerMenasor #HasbroSg

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        #TRANSFORMERS  one of MY GROW UP PAL         

I am very blessed to receive this AWESOME gift from HASBRO Singapore. The Transformers Combiner Wars MENASOR is definitely my dream toy! Highly recommended for all Daddies and Mummies to get it for your BOYs!!!!  

MENASOR is THE ULTIMATE WEAPON!!! This 6-in-1 set have 6 individual Decepticons that I can play with, this is SO Fun that even my sister wants me to share!!! My favourite piece is THE powerful BLACK JACK, he is small, fast yet super powerful. Love the small, weird looking weapon. It reminds me of 'Yoda's Head' (I also like Yoda)! The rest of the set includes Motor Master, Drag Strip, Dead End, Break Down and Break-Neck. They are also very fun to play with.. Took me a while to transform them all.. but nothing is too difficult for a big FAN like me!! The best part was actually the ultimate change, combining them into the Almighty MENASOR is not an easy task.. Glad Dad was around to help.. think he had so much fun playing with me!!! I know he really love my Transformers So I told Mum this is THE TOY for young and old and she should get it fr Dad on his Birthday too!!!                                                    

My wish is to have a Combiner Wars Autobot(I have NOT SEEN one before) but very hopeful about this! I know one day my wish will come true and I will have THE BEST AUTOBOT Combiner Wars SET!!! Hope this day come real soon!


Here's some pictures of us enjoying our play! Its a great joy playing our boys' toys!

Daddies.. go grab a set for your boy and join in our fun!!!



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Monday, 30 May 2016

Creative Drawings with #ArtForKidsHub

I have learned to draw many INTERESTING characters via this AWESOME art programme.

Drew many REALLY  REALLY interesting stuff like
Stitch & Humming Bird 


even Princess Cadence from My Little Pony (for my sister).. I will definitely be adding more to the list.. Check back to see my drawings..

Here's the link ArtforKidsHub for this cool and fun art site ..
Try it, Im sure you will love it too
(Even my mum & sis loved it) !!!

I really enjoy this "Art Therapy" and I hope you will love it too!!!

Kylo Ren
Gregory Heffley
Princess Cadence

Storm Trooper Helmet




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